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What is WinScribe? WinScribe is a freeware software program for tracking Boy Scout advancement. It was written by Barry Griffin, Scoutmaster of Troop 138, in the Atlanta Area Council. If you have questions for Barry, please e-mail him at

WINSCRIBE 2000 will operate on Windows 3.1, 3.11, 95, 98, or NT systems. It requires 5 MBs of disk space. The program is archived in WS2000.ZIP which is 3.5 MBs. Click on either of the two icons at the top of the page to download WINSCRIBE 2000.
WinScribe Does NOT work with Windows 2000 or Windows XP.

Information and Tips With WinScribe, you can easily keep up with Scout records, keep track of adult leader information as well as information on merit badge counselors, fill out and print tour permits, and make up event rosters. There's also expansion capabilities built in for future plugins.

Getting Started Note: If you've never dealt with a .ZIP file before, see the page on How To Squeeze BIG Files On To Itty-Bity Disks.

After you unzip the file, run SETUP.EXE. The setup program will place all the working files in a default directory (or one of your choosing).

The first time you run WinScribe, you will immediately be taken to the WinScribe Setup screen. Don't worry if you don't know the answers to all the questions right now. You can always go back and change things by clicking on the flashlight centered at the bottom of the WinScribe screen.

Creating Records Now that WinScribe is up and running, clicking on one of the folder tabs will take you to that type of record. Clicking on the rectangle that starts with NEW will start up the new record creation screen for that subject. Just fill in the blanks.

Link to WinScribe Do you want to sponsor this program on your site? Great! Here's how to set up a link to this helpful program. Simply insert the following HTML code anywhere in your web page.

<P><A HREF="">WinScribe!</A> -- Free troop advancement tracking software

And your link will look like this ---

WinScribe! -- Free troop advancement tracking software

If you'd like a graphic to go along with your link, use this html code instead:

<P><A HREF="">
<IMG SRC="" WIDTH="183" HEIGHT="137" ALT="WinScribe">
WinScribe!</A> -- Free troop advancement tracking software

And your link will look like this ---

WinScribeWinScribe! -- Free troop advancement tracking software

Thank you for sponsoring this free gift to the Scouting community!


Free Plug-Ins (Add-Ons)

The Troop Meeting Planning Assistant

Great Boy Scout troops get that way through good planning. Now WinScribe2000 helps you plan high quality troop meetings with a free plug-in called Simply download this file directly into your ws2000 directory. The next time you run WinScribe, click on Troop Meeting Plan under the plug-ins tab.

Software List (3,467K)

WinScribe2000! -- Troop Advancement Tracking Software -- FREEWARE!

**meetplan.plg (68K)

A plug-in that assists with troop meeting planning.

ws2000.pdf (29K)

Installation instructions and program help.

Adode Acrobat 4.0

PDF File Reader

** If using Netscape: Hold down shift before clicking to download.

I hope you enjoy WINSCRIBE 2000.

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